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The best free online flying games.
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Explore our collection of flying games. Immerse yourself in the exhilaration of piloting types of aircraft. Take control of spaceships, fighter jets, commercial planes and more. Engage in thrilling dogfights epic aerial battles and even embark, on space exploration missions. Rise to the challenge as you conquer the skies embodying the role of a hero who must save the world from invaders. Get ready for gameplay and action packed experiences, with our range of online flying games. Read more.

Free online flying games.

Discover our selection of flying games and take the helm of your dream aircraft! Control spaceships, fighter jets, commercial airplanes, hang gliders and drones. Soar, through the skies. Conquer the clouds! Step into the shoes of an army pilot. Command World War era bombers armed with guided rocket missiles. Execute precision strikes against your targets, maneuver aircraft. Utilize powerful photon cannons to annihilate invading aliens. Prepare for assaults with torpedoes as you reclaim enemy territory. Once you dive into our collection of flying games you'll find them absolutely captivating. You'll be engrossed in navigating skies losing track of time as hours pass by seamlessly.. Guess what? No need for a flying license or extensive training—simply jump into a game. Seize control! It's like experiencing magic. Master the art of piloting Airbus or Boeing planes while efficiently coordinating flight schedules. Make adjustments to prevent collisions during landings if one flight is delayed. Embark on a journey through universes where you'll encounter new civilizations along the way. Take charge of helicopters to extinguish fires and rescue people, in villages—become a hero with just a press of the play button!. Wait there's more excitement awaiting you!
Engage in a war of proportions here, on Earth. Our territories have been overrun by invaders. If we don't strike back our destruction is unavoidable. Prepare your spacecraft with hydrogen bombs. Get ready to unleash devastation upon the enemy. Start the countdown; Three, two one... Fire! Bring down those forces! Your achievements as a commander are undeniably impressive. Theres a menace on the horizon. Enemy spaceships have emerged from the depths of space armed with cannons of wiping out entire planets. Does this spell our doom? We urgently need a hero to save our world. Take your place in the cockpit, venture into enemy territory. Release a virus onto their mothership to disable their offensive capabilities. The fate of our planet rests, in your hands !