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The best free online hockey games.
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Introducing our online hockey games category! Take to the ice and lead your team to victory in exhilarating matches. Read more.

Free online hockey games.

Begin your hockey journey in lower leagues, honing your skills for a shot at being drafted by an NHL team. Every team needs a diverse lineup of leaders, scorers, defenders, and big hitters. Regardless of your role, a keen understanding of the game is essential for success. Join your team's ranks, impress your coach, and work your way up from checking line to the coveted first line. This is where true stars shine, scoring goals, delivering final passes, and exhibiting exceptional skills. Dedicate yourself to training, refine your technique, and become the top scorer in the tournament. Work on your wristshots and slapshots, pass to teammates, and make impactful hits on your opponents. As captain, lead your team to raise the Stanley Cup as champions. Could you be the next Wayne Gretzky? Aim for victory in the All-Stars match! For a different kind of hockey challenge, engage in a thrilling game of air hockey with friends. Compete in a custom tournament, vying for victory and a coveted trophy. Air hockey may appear suitable for kids, but its skill-based gameplay appeals to all ages. Join the ranks of the elite in the Hall of Fame – a prestigious group reserved for the sport's legends. Your path to this honor lies in scoring goals, overcoming enemy defenders, and outwitting goalkeepers. Are you ready to make your mark in the world of hockey? Get on the ice and let the games begin!