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Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of zombie games online, where the focus survival, amidst a zombie apocalypse. These games primarily fall into the zombie games shooting genre, where your objective's to upgrade your weapons whether its an assault rifle or a precise sniper rifle. As you strive to stay alive hunger becomes secondary, to the enemy that's the horde of rampaging zombies. Read more.

Zombie games for free.

Explore our curated selection of top notch and new zombie games, where you have the freedom to immerse yourself in the chaos, from both perspectives. Embark on a bone journey by stepping into the shoes of a zombie unleashing your hunger upon the living and spreading the infection to build your own army of the undead. Rely on your strength and razor sharp claws to tear through flesh with aggression. Savor their fear overpower their defenses and multiply your forces. Prioritize mayhem and brutality as you unleash your wickedness upon a world in disarray. Alternatively embrace the role of a defender tasked with protecting your outpost from waves of zombies.

Arm yourself with weapons designed to combat these undead creatures strategically position yourself to hold off their assault. In this dance intellect triumphs over force. Utilize your prowess to outwit these creatures. Anticipate their movements. Take aim. Thwart their advancement before they breach your defenses. As the line between humanity and monstrosity becomes blurred, rely on logic as your weapon against a malevolence. The world is twisted in the clutches of evil and hope, for peace has dwindled. Amidst this desolation you must choose either adaptation or surrender. Are you prepared to face the hunger of zombies? Your resilience will be tested as you embark on a journey, through our selection of captivating zombie games new. Leave your mark in history alongside those to confront the undead threat. Overcome the outbreak establish dominance, over positions and strive for the sanctuary that lies beyond reach. The options before you are clear; succumb to infestation. Emerge victorious. Guided by the popularity of zombie games we have carefully curated a collection that captures the essence of this genre. Embrace your bravery confront the shadows and weave your tale into the fabric of survival. Will you dare to navigate the path through this apocalypse? Great zombie free  games await your command.